A systematic process

To make a product reflecting the demands required by this generation,
there needs a systematic process.
The healths of modern people are threatened by environmental pollution, abnormal weather, and health.
We believe that the oral health will lead to the health of the whole body. Our priority is to provide a safe and convenient self-care at home to treat oral bacteria, bad breath, gums, and periodontal disease.

For many years, our researchers have been researching in various fields and to acquire differentiated results to our customers with creative technology
that enables people and nature to coexist.


Alegria filled with passion

Take care of your family's health as the priority,
as well as the environment.
‘The Humidifier disinfectant incident', which shocked and frightened the Republic of Korea, shows the heartbreaking reality where most of us are indifferent to the daily products we use.
To create a product for the new era, someone must take the challenge to cross the boundaries. Prioritizing the health and safety of our family, and even further the environmental problems for the future generation, ‘Alegria toothpaste’ is a differentiated toothpaste of tomorrow.
This iswhy Seowangmo Co., Ltd.’s unique technology attracts much attention not only in Korea but also from the world.


A challenge beyond the boundaries.

People-centered, harmony and coexistence with nature, and the mission to create new value.
Seowangmo Co., Ltd.’s Alegria toothpaste is an ideal product that our bodies need. The product was made with the goal of satisfying the consumers’ future health as well as the immediate satisfaction.
All of the employees at Seowangmo will meet the world with a higher and broader vision to create new values that embraces the harmony and coexistence of the people and nature.
Thank you.